Silver Lyre 2010

The main objective of the International Festival of chamber music "Silver Lyre" is to take a vacant niche of a Festival of performers, which could propagandize the best achievements in the field of chamber music in Russia and abroad.

The world-renowned festivals, such as the "Prague Spring" and "Autumn in Warsaw", have the same objectives, but mainly at the level of symphonic performance. The Festival "Silver Lyre" aims to achieve the level of these festivals in the next few years, but it will be exclusively on the material of chamber music.

At first glance, problems of chamber concert performance are not so much different from those of performing symphonic music, but actually they absorb a lot of specific principle matters, from the repertoire issues and problems of listening perception to the issues of the concert existence of chamber orchestras and small teams: duets, trios, quartets, septets and etc., which include both string and wind instruments.

Chamber ensembles, which exist in almost all major cities of the world, often differ from each other with the level of professionalism and the level of the audience direction. Identifying the best of them and demonstrating their achievements is the main objective of the Festival.

The Festival "Silver Lyre" consists of 8 concerts of various chamber groups, united not by repertoire thematic idea, but by the idea of demonstrating the best of modern achievements in the chamber-orchestral and chamber-instrumental-vocal performance in different countries of Europe and America.

Concerts of this truly international festival were carried out in November 2010 in Small and Grand Halls of St. Petersburg Philharmonic. In addition to concerts, the Festival's program also included master classes by leading musicians participating in the festival, and recording CDs of not only individual works, but also of a number of concerts.